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 RULES - VISION - Read Please.

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PostSubject: RULES - VISION - Read Please.   Fri May 23, 2014 2:57 pm

The Rules;

Rule #1 - Support the vision and the purpose.
Rule #2 - Show basic respect/kindness/understanding and GRACE for others.
Rule #3 - Know Admin has complete authority and judgment an will warn or automatically boot (depending on the situation) anyone who does not support the vision, purpose or rules.

The Vision;

A place......

to grow spiritually.
where you can be "REAL".
that feels safe to share your heart.
that encourages and strengthens you spiritually.
where people are KIND, being careful not to hurt others.
that has a positive focus, though sharing of struggles is allowed and can be beneficial for everyone.
where member's may disagree, or give advice on the condition that they can keep the rules, vision and purpose while doing it.
where we can find encouragement and strength to step out in faith.
where we can fall on our faces, an its ok, Its accepted as the learning curve.
where we can be honest, open, real about our struggles without fear, finding this a supportive fellowship.
where we are built up by others who are also are trying to grow and understand and know God and His ways more.
where we accept no one is perfect, but progress and growth is being made.
where....everybody knows your name. ;)
(AKA, that is)

The Purpose;

Refer to;


Guests & Membership;

Our guests may drop in as often as they like and post in our forums that are open to the public, at this time. Due to the transparency of our Journals, we as members ask that you register and agree to the rules to become a member, before having access to our Journals Forum.

Registering to become a member;
If you would like to take the next leg of the journey (or spiritual learning experience) with us? And if you are willing to share some of your own journey? And most importantly, if you feel you can support our purpose and abide by the vision and rules for this forum?
Use the registration link and you will be asked if you have read and agree to the rules and have any other questions about the forum before being approved for membership.


If you have any issues, you may email Admin an I will make the call.
Note though, If I got to be a babysitter for you, because your offensive or you get easily offended, your not mature enough to be in a forum of this nature.

....Be transformed by the renewing of your mind........ Rom. 12:2

Admin - AKA/snickers
Keep coming back!  :)
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RULES - VISION - Read Please.
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