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 Please post INTRO'S in this thread;

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PostSubject: Please post INTRO'S in this thread;   Wed May 28, 2014 3:49 pm


Please Introduce yourself. We ask that you keep your true identity and that of others you may know (through invitation) from this fellowship anonymous. Only use a alias (AKA-Also Known As) name please. Feel free to share as little or as much as you like about yourself. Some people prefer stay private and that is perfectly fine. While others are more open, making it easy to get to know them and share on common ground.

We ask everyone to share in the responsibility of making others feel welcome in our forum. At this time anyone may invite a friend who they feel would want to join our fellowship.

....Be transformed by the renewing of your mind........ Rom. 12:2

Admin - AKA/snickers
Keep coming back!  :)

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PostSubject: Re: Please post INTRO'S in this thread;   Wed May 28, 2014 4:12 pm


Hi! I'm AKA/snickers
and AKA/Admin.

So who am I??
I'm 45, married to my sweetheart of a husband    (2nd marriage). I have bunch of kids now, all grown an having grand kids. We ride dirt bikes an Harley's mostly, we also enjoy camping, fishing, bible studies and family BBQ's. Oh, and Margaritas (to often for my ability to have a clear conscience) and since I'm spillin the beans, a occasional cuss word may slip out, well there's more I could confess but you get the idea, I'm not necessarily the best choice to be a leader of a spiritual group. I'm feeling brave today though, lol. Go ahead an throw the first stone ;-)

I have worked as a shipping/receiving clerk for last 15 yrs. Its a good job with great benefits, but my heart is at home. I believe God has placed me right where I'm at to support and encourage the ones I care for and others he brings into my path. He has blessed me in different ways my whole life with my love for riding motorcycles, and wonder if anything more will come from that in the future.  But I need nothing more, I can't believe how perfect my life is now, I just need to grow in Him and give back more. My past is filled with dysfunction, abuse, neglect, drugs, more dysfunction, ect. and a bunch of good times too, it's all lead me to who and where I am today. Life is really good and I like myself...well except for few extra pounds I battle constantly,  
and my selfish streak, and a couple walls that I have used to protect myself in past that need to be knocked down. God will get me through like He has everything else. I have done a lot of healing/growing/leaning on Him over the years, but it feels like its on to bigger and better things spiritually and I'm excited for this new learning phase in my life.

As Admin I feel it necessary to share some of where I'm at spiritually, you may not feel comfortable with my personal beliefs and I respect that. I can also promise you I got some shit wrong, but I'm gonna give myself a little grace, cause I got a lot more right, a lot more real, than I use too. I am not here to make anyone believe the way I do, I am here to share my journey, my experiences, my thoughts, take what you want and leave the rest, it's all good.   
I have a lot to learn, I am not mature in my faith, I don't reflect enough fruit (from the vine) outwardly to see that. But inwardly I feel rich in God. I am loved and I am saved for sure, but there's so much more I know it!! :D

This is God, who I  have come to know. He is the best papa you could ask for, He loves you more than you know. He will protect you with everything He's got, He wants to give you more than you know, but won't if you will only hurt yourself with it, if your not ready for it. He is patient, forgiving, merciful, but will let you get your ass kicked if you insist on your own bad choices, only because He has no other choice and it's what needs to be done, its not His way, His desire (Like any mothers heart) is not for you to hurt, He promises you much more. He will let you scream at Him, He will let you hurt him, He will let you blame Him, But you will find out what a fool you are and it will break your heart. Your an idiot if you try to do things, even good things, on your own, you can't, there all polluted/a dead end without Him, though if you wanna keep trying, He will let you, I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest idiot here! He will bless you over an over again when you don't deserve it, half the time you won't even know it.

It will feel like He is not listening, He is not helping, like He doesn't care, He's not there, but after you get to know Him, after you been through much with Him, those times that you "FEEL" that way, doesn't compare to what is inside your heart, you will not let Him go, He is your savior, He is your best friend, He is your strength, He is your comfort, He is your confidence, He is your sanity. You are His child.

I understand God's love much like a parent, except God is all knowing an wise and knows how you tick better than you know yourself. There's much I don't understand an probably never will. But I think we need to know ..God is Love.. And if you don't know that? I mean KNOW, not just intellectually, your in a world of hurt. When you know God is Love, you learn to love yourself an then love and forgive others from a pure heart. I'm just in the beginning stages, got a bunch of mistakes I'm going to continue to make, going to get hurt, going to hurt others, going to hurt God, going to make bad choices, going to be a fool. But I'm also going to grow, going to have victory in new areas, going to be free from even more worldly bondage, free from more of my wrong thinking/believing that imprisons me. Going to KNOW God even more, going to love others more. And I think that will end up being the greatest gift of all.  

I'm going to do this for real. This is who I am, I like me and I hope you, like you too, be real, be you, lets grow together, probably trip and fall together. I aint perfect, and you aint fooling me, neither are you!   Will you share your journey with me?  Who are you  

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Please post INTRO'S in this thread;
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